Speed Skating

Have you ever wanted to skate at over 50 kilometers per hour? Are you looking for a sport that allows all ages and abilities to participate in the same club? Do you want to improve your skating skills? Do you love racing on skates? Then speed skating is for you!

Ice speed skating has been a part of Canadian winters since the 1850s. Today, ice speed skating has two main disciplines: short track (skated indoors on a hockey rink) and long track (skated indoors or outdoors on a 400m oval). Marathon skating (skated outdoors on various sized ice surfaces) is a third discipline, which is popular in areas where appropriate facilities exist.

Speed skating is a family friendly, volunteer-driven sport, with speed skating clubs across British Columbia. In Canada, there are opportunities to excel in the sport or to remain lifelong participants, as a skater, coach, official, administrator, volunteer, parent or fan!

About Us

Mission Racers meets every Tuesday and Thursday, at 4:30 PM, at theĀ Mission Leisure Center.

We have skaters of all ages and abilities – you can learn how to skate when you join the club!

Many of our skaters attend meets hosted by other clubs, and administered by the BC Speed Skating Association.

The last Thursday practice of every month will be a Pin Day. This is when the coaches will be evaluating the skaters ability to do the skills listed for The Cutting Edge Pin Program. This is a Speed Skating Canada system of evaluation that allows the skaters to measure their progress as they move up through the levels. Coloured pins are awarded as the skater demonstrates their ability at each level.

Contact Us if you want to try on a pair of skates and see what it’s all about.

Current Skaters

Skaters in BC are involved in one of three streams: the Regional Stream, Provincial Stream or Performance Stream. The streams are based on principles of individualized, holistic athlete development and allow for a skater of any age to find the speed skating experience that is right for them.