Mission Racers Jingle All the Way to Victory!

The Jingle Bell Cup, hosted by the Ridge Meadows Racers, welcomed the Mission Racers Speed Skating club for a thrilling day of competition amidst the holiday cheer. As the third of the four part Fraser Valley Series, racers from across the valley and province were there to compete. The rink buzzed with excitement, fueled by festive holiday tunes and sweet holiday treats. The Mission Racers’ own Nora and Samaira laced up their skates ready to carve their way through the competition; both achieved new personal best times.

However, beyond the pursuit of victory, the Jingle Bell Cup embodied the true essence of the speed skating. It was a day where competition intertwined with camaraderie. Nora, Samaira, and their fellow skaters enjoyed an exciting day of races and making memories and friendships that will extend far beyond the ice rink.

Over 50 Years of Racing and Fun at the Mission Speed Skate Meet 2023

On November 5 the Mission Racers Speed Skating Club stole the show at their annual Speed Skate Meet. Welcoming a diverse crowd of 117 skaters, from across the province and Washington State, including ten athletes from Mission.

Adding to the thrill of the day, many of the young Mission athletes made their debut on the competitive ice. The seasoned Mission Racers, acting as both mentors and competitors, blended their experience with the exuberance of the youngest members (as young as 6!), creating a vibrant atmosphere that resonated with the the Mission Racers Speed Skating Club.

What makes Speed Skate Meets truly special is the united front presented by the competitors. The cheers reverberated not just for seasoned racers but also for the young talents, highlighting the inclusive spirit of the Mission Racers the Speed Skating community.

A salute to the dozens of volunteers, the unsung heroes behind the scenes, whose efforts ensured the seamless execution of the meet. As the echoes of blades on ice fade, the Mission Racers Speed Skating Club looks ahead to more skating and racing this season; weekly practices, more interclub meets, and possibly Provincial and National competitions for our Skaters. The legacy of the Mission Racers, spanning over 50 years, continues to define the future of speed skating with a blend of expertise, inclusivity, and a shared passion for the sport.